Island Corps is offering an applied educational volunteer program through the National Collegiate Initiative (NCI) to rehabilitate and empower the small surf town of Isabela, Puerto Rico, USA.  Students, recent graduates looking to build their resumes and/or earn college credits* are encouraged to apply through their respective Universities and Alma Maters.  If your school has not signed up to serve, you can become an advocate on behalf of Puerto Rico's relief so your University can be included in helping Puerto Rico.
Island Corps is giving on the ground, travel preference to students and teams who have completed at least 12 major-specific credit hours in the following fields:

  • Engineering
  • Waste Management
  • Logistics
  • Emergency Mangement
  • Law Enforcement & Criminal Justice
  • Civil Law
  • Public Policy 
  • Medical Specialty
  • Public Health and Policy
  • Education
  • Urban Planning
  • Labor and Economics
  • Geography
  • Computer and Aerospace Engineering

*Credit hours awarded will be based on your school’s determination prior to enrollment in the program.