About Us

IslandCorps is an eco-travel, professional leadership and environmental educational program focused on building America’s next generation through values and civility, while cultivating a love for community service.  Island Corps provides an educational, personal growth opportunity for students, professionals and private industry teams to enjoy a safe and memorable travel experience on a beautiful, tropical island without traveling too far from home.  


Person to person understanding.

Travel education develops a person’s emotional intelligence and cultural awareness, experiences serving communities across the globe, strengthen person to person understanding.  Island Corp’s mission is to serve the world as a bridge of friendship for a rising generation.  

Our Goals

Our education program is focused on developing young leaders into mindful, strong individuals who will never hesitate when the call to serve rising communities knocks on their door.  We educate, strengthen and empower the next generation through environmental education, adventure travel, exposure to multicultural communities.  We promulgate a love for nature, adventure, personal care which includes internal wellness, fitness and health, good values, ethical conduct and team building activities through eco-travel education.

Living life in Serve to Others