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The National Collegiate Volunteer Initiative


The Volunteers of present:


The National Collegiate Volunteer Initiative, Hurricane Relief for Puerto Rico.

This is a call for volunteers.


The National Collegiate Volunteer Initiative provides life purpose to all college students across the Nation through civil service activities through focused on humanitarian hurricane relief missions. In addition, Island Corp’s National Collegiate Volunteer Initiative seeks to connect Puerto Rican students enrolled in universities, colleges and schools across the U.S. with their families and communities in Puerto Rico by providing meaningful volunteer and service opportunities so they can empower their own family and neighbors.

Island Corps encourages University institutions to open access to Mental Health services for Puerto Rican students enrolled in their academic institution to process grief from the great devastation everyone on the island is facing.  In preparation for the Holiday season in Puerto Rico, which is still without electricity or clean water, we are encouraging all Universities and college students to help.  Island Corp’s will begin community service activities with our education partners during the 2017 Holiday Season, 2018 alternative spring and 2018 summer break.

Where: Puerto Rico and the surrounding Islands affected by the 2017 Hurricane Season.

How: Through the power of Internet connectivity and supporting communications partnerships with Universities across the Nation, Island Corps is connecting students from Puerto Rico with families so they can begin making a difference on the island virtually and take part in hands on community service during the 2017 Alternative Spring and Summer breaks.

In addition, Island Corps is seeking student veterans who can offer specialized skills in organizing and executing the distribution of water, food, rehabilitation of schools, orphanages and elderly homes.





Right now.

The National Collegiate Volunteer Initiative seeks your contribution and support via virtual, physical and financial assistance.  Volunteer opportunities to serve the people of Puerto Rico are needed through digital assistance, on the ground with your hands or with your financial contribution to carry out the collegiate relief mission to help and encourage the most vulnerable in Puerto Rico.


The National Collegiate Volunteer Initiative is providing community service opportunities for college students across the Continental United States to work on the island of Puerto Rico in the following Hurricane Relief areas:

Hurricane Recovery Encouraging Resilient Communities

  • Neighborhood clean ups

  • Youth Centers and Park Rehabilitation

  • Empowering Human and Mental Health recovery through comfort

  • Infrastructure

  • Rehabilitation of Schools

  • Helping in food distribution centers

  • Assisting in Agricultural and Local Farming recovery

  • H2O Solutions Distribution

Protecting Human Life

  • Elderly assistance

  • Foster Care

  • Orphanages

  • At-risk-youth

  • Domestic animals